Our specific mission is to

cultivate outreach programs

with a definitive beggining and end, designed to summon those who seek to

experience God more deeply.

“He followed Him on the way.”

MARK 10, 52

programa vae Sociedad San Juan

San Juan Diego

San Juan Diego is an evangelization program that reaches out to adults in the Hispanic community who have not yet encountered Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. After providing the initial outreach, this program then becomes a school of Christian life for each person, through encouraging faith formation, growth in human virtues, and the development of evangelization skills, so that they become agents of change in their own communities.

Programa cenaculo

Cenaculo Program

Cenaculo is a program for high school youth who desire to grow in their Christian life. It is a space of prayer, friendship and service in the spirit of the New Evangelization, structured around the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

programa fragua

Fragua Program

Fragua is a program for university students who have been transformed by an encounter with the risen Christ. They have set on a path of human and spiritual formation and so become capable of bringing the values of the Gospel to society.

Fragua fosters strong ties of friendship, intense prayer moments, and evangelization efforts that allow them to bring the mission to their daily lives.

programa Academia Sociedad San Juan

Academy Program

Academy is for young professionals who are invited to volunteer in programs of evangelization, such as taking on leaderships roles in Cenáculo and Fragua. Through these experiences, they learn to use their talents in the service of others and hone their skills to be the light of Christ in their professional lives.

programa legatus Sociedad San Juan

Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Program reaches out to men, seeking to ignite their faith in Christ and to strengthen them in their lay vocation, so that they may transform their environment according to the values of the Gospel. Each man is called to live in configuration with Christ and be formed to witness to the divine life of Christ in every human aspect of his own life – career, family, and in service to others.

programa galilea Sociedad San Juan

Galilee Program

The Galilee Program is directed towards women who, having encountered the transforming love of Jesus, endeavor to deepen their faith and bear witness to Him through their example and their testimony, both in their family and professional lives. Like the women from Galilee that followed Jesus in His public life, they also serve Him through apostolic projects and Works of Mercy.