Stages of missionary life

We strive to form men capable of offering their entire lives to God within our apostolic society. The priestly formation offers the following diverse stages and experiences, unified by the goal of preparing each man to give himself fully to our mission.

Sociedad San Juan formacion


The goal of Probación is to experience first-hand our style of evangelization, the manner in which we live out the evangelical counsels, our spirituality, and our way of life.

sociedad san juan formacion probacion
probación Sociedad San Juan
Misioneros Sociedad San Juan


The challenge of the New Evangelization calls for a high level of intellectual formation, so that those in formation are capable of offering the “reason for the hope which is in them.” (1 Peter 3:15)

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Sociedad San Juan filosofia vae Uruguay


Our specific mission demands that we be well-formed so that we, in turn, may form others, comprehend the lives and realities of those around us, and be able to offer appropriate insight in response.

“In all our activity we seek to preserve a special connection between our sanctification and the sanctification of our brothers, as Jesus himself did, according to the word of the Gospel: ‘And I consecrate myself for them, so that they also may be consecrated in he truth.’ ” (John 17:19)